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Comics Fest Accomplished!

On Saturday, May 19th 150 people descended on Southwest Regional Library for our annual Comics Fest. This year the fest was broken up into 2 days. Kids and Teens on Saturday, Adult programs on Sunday.

On Saturday we had Mastering Manga author, Mark Crilley, No Girls Allowed author, Willow Dawson, Cartoonist/Librarian Casey Nees, along with a superhero photo station, games, crafts and hundreds of free comics. There are so many great things I could say about this year’s Comics Fest, but since comics are about words and pictures, I’ll let the pictures give you most of the story.

I give you: Comics Fest Day 1! Image

Mark Crilley offers tips on page layout. “Always hide the reveal behind the page turn”.


Mark reads a page from his book “Brody’s Ghost”.


Mark demonstrates how to draw a manga style face.


Author, Willow Dawson, offers advice to aspiring comics artists.


Willow talks about Heroes, Sheroes, and Superheroes.


ImageWillow instructs participants in how to make characters out of real life heroes.

ImageComics Fest participants buy Mark and Willow’s books to get them signed.


Casey Nees gives a drawing workshop so action packed that he’s a moving blur in every photo.


Kid/Teen authors sign along side Mark Crilley. Willow Dawson is getting one of the kid made mini-comics she picked up signed.


Authors and organizers celebrate a good day! (Author Mark Crilley, Librarian Patrick Holt, Author Willow Dawson, Librarian Amy Godfrey, Cartooning Instructor Casey Nees)

What would you like to see at next year’s Comics Fest? Let Amy and Patrick know! Leave a post on the blob, stop in to Southwest.




Written & Illustrated by Lexi H.

North Regional Library

Mini Comic Mania

Check out these comics made by kids, teens, and adults who came to last weekends Comics Fest!

Cactus Mcboy vs. Cyclone by Michael Everett

Super Silly Cat by Bri Carey

Lost by Katelin

The Dragon: a bad curse by Ephram Oliver

Picking Friends by Patricia Dursy

Living Flame by Bernard Liles

Skull Fire by Bernard Liles

Review: Owly: The Way Home & Bittersweet Summer

Owly: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer

By Andy Runton

Owls and comics are two of my favorite things, so imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a comic all about a little owl!  Andy Runton’s Owly: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer tells the story of a kindhearted owl named Owly and his adventures with his fellow forest friends.  Animated and sweet, I was won over with the comic’s themes of family, love, and friendship.

Owly: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer contains two separate stories starring Owly, his friend Wormy the worm, and their hummingbird pals named Tiny and Angel.  Both stories take place in a forest where Owly lives in a tree house and tends to his garden.  One of my favorite things about the comic is how Runton’s simple but cheery illustrations make Owly’s world come alive and add to the happy and heart-warming nature of the stories.


In The Way Home, Owly gets caught in a rainstorm and overhears the cries of Wormy, who has gotten stuck in a puddle.  Ever willing to help those in need, Owly rescues Wormy and takes her to his tree house to make sure she’s okay.   While there, Wormy tells Owly that she was separated from her family during the storm.  Owly and Wormy decide to set out to find Wormy’s family.   As they begin their journey, Owly and Wormy face various obstacles that allow them learn from each other.  By the end of the story Owly and Wormy have not only become friends, they’ve also become a part of each other’s family.


In The Bittersweet Summer, Owly and Wormy become friends with two hummingbirds, Tiny and Angel.  To make Tiny and Angel feel at home, Owly and Wormy buy nectar plants for Tiny and Angel to eat and enjoy.  The four spend the summer together, but when it starts to get cold Tiny and Angel must fly south for the winter.  Will Tiny and Angel return to the forest and their home with Owly and Wormy in the spring?  You’ll have to read the comic to find out! – by Jenna B.

Dark Girl in: I Give Up!

Written & Illustrated by Lena

Main Library

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Comics Fest is coming!

What is Comics Fest?

Comics Fest is a two day celebration of everything comics at the Southwest Regional Library. Saturday’s events are geared toward kids and teens and Sunday’s events are geared more toward adults.

Who’s going to be there on Saturday?

Mark Crilley; author of Mastering Manga, Akiko, and the Miki Falls series; is coming to Durham all the way from Michigan to perform live drawing demonstrations and  give advice to aspiring comic book creators (you!) about coming up with story ideas, giving characters distinctive voices, building conflict and jumping into the all important rewrite.

Willow Dawson; author of Lila & Ecco’s Do-It-Yourself Comics Club, and No Girls Allowed; joins us from Toronto, Canada. Willow will teach you how to create your own characters from real life people, which you will then use to generate story ideas.

Casey Nees comes to us all the way from Durham County Library’s own North Regional Library. He’s making the harrowing journey all the way across Durham to teach you how to draw cartoons.

What else will be going on?

We’ll have our superhero photo station up and running. Feel free to dress-up, but costumes will be provided.  Many of the local kids authors whose comics you’ve read on the Blob will be there giving away and signing their mini-comics. We’ll also have comics themed games and crafts, raffles, and we’ll literally being giving away hundreds of free comics.

(Boxes of comics sitting in my office waiting to go to a good home. This is only a fraction of the comics we’ll be giving away.)

(Lunch Lady author, Jarrett Krosoczka poses for the Superhero photo station when he visited last year’s comics fest, which he wrote about on his blog. )

Humpty Dumpty

(Click on image to enlarge)

Written & Illustrated by Dana Jeter

Stanford L. Warren

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Have you read it?: Otto’s Orange Day

Otto’s Orange Day by Frank Cammuso

Otto’s favorite color is orange. He even sings an “orange song” about… “orange flowers, orange socks, orange blocks.” Oneday, he gets a package from his Aunt Sally. When he unwraps the orange paper he finds an orange lantern. Can you guess what happened when he rubbed it? Yep, a Genie, who happens to be blue, appears. Otto gets to make one wish. he wants EVERYTHING to be what color? ORANGE. So-it is. There are “orange cars, orange hats, orange clowns, and orange ducks.” EVERYTHING! Would you want everything to be your favorite color? Read the book to find out what happens to Otto’s orange world – by Margaret A.

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Super Idiot vs. Awesome Ninja

Written & Illustrated by Emmett C.

Southwest Regional Library

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The Disgusting Cookie

Written & Illustrated by Sabinne C.

Southwest Regional Library

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