Review: Owly: The Way Home & Bittersweet Summer

Owly: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer

By Andy Runton

Owls and comics are two of my favorite things, so imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a comic all about a little owl!  Andy Runton’s Owly: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer tells the story of a kindhearted owl named Owly and his adventures with his fellow forest friends.  Animated and sweet, I was won over with the comic’s themes of family, love, and friendship.

Owly: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer contains two separate stories starring Owly, his friend Wormy the worm, and their hummingbird pals named Tiny and Angel.  Both stories take place in a forest where Owly lives in a tree house and tends to his garden.  One of my favorite things about the comic is how Runton’s simple but cheery illustrations make Owly’s world come alive and add to the happy and heart-warming nature of the stories.


In The Way Home, Owly gets caught in a rainstorm and overhears the cries of Wormy, who has gotten stuck in a puddle.  Ever willing to help those in need, Owly rescues Wormy and takes her to his tree house to make sure she’s okay.   While there, Wormy tells Owly that she was separated from her family during the storm.  Owly and Wormy decide to set out to find Wormy’s family.   As they begin their journey, Owly and Wormy face various obstacles that allow them learn from each other.  By the end of the story Owly and Wormy have not only become friends, they’ve also become a part of each other’s family.


In The Bittersweet Summer, Owly and Wormy become friends with two hummingbirds, Tiny and Angel.  To make Tiny and Angel feel at home, Owly and Wormy buy nectar plants for Tiny and Angel to eat and enjoy.  The four spend the summer together, but when it starts to get cold Tiny and Angel must fly south for the winter.  Will Tiny and Angel return to the forest and their home with Owly and Wormy in the spring?  You’ll have to read the comic to find out! – by Jenna B.


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