Comics Fest Accomplished!

On Saturday, May 19th 150 people descended on Southwest Regional Library for our annual Comics Fest. This year the fest was broken up into 2 days. Kids and Teens on Saturday, Adult programs on Sunday.

On Saturday we had Mastering Manga author, Mark Crilley, No Girls Allowed author, Willow Dawson, Cartoonist/Librarian Casey Nees, along with a superhero photo station, games, crafts and hundreds of free comics. There are so many great things I could say about this year’s Comics Fest, but since comics are about words and pictures, I’ll let the pictures give you most of the story.

I give you: Comics Fest Day 1! Image

Mark Crilley offers tips on page layout. “Always hide the reveal behind the page turn”.


Mark reads a page from his book “Brody’s Ghost”.


Mark demonstrates how to draw a manga style face.


Author, Willow Dawson, offers advice to aspiring comics artists.


Willow talks about Heroes, Sheroes, and Superheroes.


ImageWillow instructs participants in how to make characters out of real life heroes.

ImageComics Fest participants buy Mark and Willow’s books to get them signed.


Casey Nees gives a drawing workshop so action packed that he’s a moving blur in every photo.


Kid/Teen authors sign along side Mark Crilley. Willow Dawson is getting one of the kid made mini-comics she picked up signed.


Authors and organizers celebrate a good day! (Author Mark Crilley, Librarian Patrick Holt, Author Willow Dawson, Librarian Amy Godfrey, Cartooning Instructor Casey Nees)

What would you like to see at next year’s Comics Fest? Let Amy and Patrick know! Leave a post on the blob, stop in to Southwest.



One thought on “Comics Fest Accomplished!

  1. Lauren says:

    Just make sure you DO have a comics fest! I’ve heard so much interest from people who heard about it later and were excited by what took place at this year’s event. Congrats on successfully bringing all this together!

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