Review: Yotsuba&!


by Azuma, Kiyohiko

Yotsuba is a weird, five-year-old girl with lots of personality.

She and her father have moved to a new neighborhood, and she is clueless about everything. She doesn’t even know how swings or doorbells work!

But she loves to have fun and explore new things.  With the help of her father, his super huge friend named Jumbo, and her new friends and neighbors, Yotsuba tries to figure out the everyday world.  Yotsuba&! follows all Yotsuba’s hilarious adventures from becoming a squirt gun vigilante to making friends with rude farm animals. – by Kafi A.


One thought on “Review: Yotsuba&!

  1. Will Hanley says:

    This is great! One of my favorite Mangas. So hilarious, its one of the few things that can cause me to laugh at any time. Great review Kafi:)

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