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Review: Drama

A Review of Raina Telgemeier’s Drama by Southwest’s own Jenna Batchelor!

Ever since Callie Marin’s mom took her to see a production of Les Miserables, Callie has been in love with theater. After that fateful day she surrounded herself with the music and posters from her favorite plays and musicals and tried to learn everything about them that she could. When Callie started sixth grade she saw a flyer asking for students to join the stage crew of Eucalyptus Middle School’s drama department. It was at that point that Callie’s “new life began.” Now a seventh grader, Callie is in charge of the set design for the drama department’s production of Moon Over Mississippi. Callie’s got big plans for the musical but will she be able to pull them off?

Raina TelgDramaemeier’s Drama follows Callie throughout the school year as she deals with drama, whether it’s on stage or off. On stage, Callie is determined to make Moon Over Mississippi a hit and dreams up some big ideas to make the sets fun and exciting. One of these ideas is to have a canon go off during an important scene but the confetti poppers aren’t working the way Callie had hoped. On top of that, Callie and the rest of the drama department are dealing with budgets, ticket sales, and with actors causing trouble that could undo all the hard work everyone has put into the production. Off stage, Callie is making new friends, having fights with old friends, and dealing with boy drama. Along the way Callie learns a little about herself and learns how to follow her heart.

One day when Callie is putting up an audition flyer for the musical she meets twin brothers Justin and Jesse and invites them to try out. The three then become friends and Callie learns that Justin loves acting since it means he gets to be the center of attention. Jesse also enjoys theater but downplays his abilities because he is unsure about how he feels about being in the spotlight. Jesse tells Callie he allows Justin to take center stage because of his uncertainty. Just like Callie, Jesse is still trying to figure out who he is and what he wants. Callie finds herself crushing on Jesse but she isn’t sure Jesse feels the same way about her. As a reader it was fun to see Callie, Justin, and Jesse share their love of theater and learn from each other. I truly cared about Callie and her friends and wanted to see how their individual dramas unfolded.

What made Drama an enjoyable read was Telgemeier’s ability to tell a great story. Part of what makes Telgemeier a great storyteller is in her use of bright and playful drawings. One of my favorite scenes is when Callie is showing Jesse her favorite book on set design. To illustrate this, Telgemeier draws Callie and Jesse hopping into the book and then into the different sets that are pictured. While in a set, Callie tells Jesse, “I want the audience to believe that the actors really live inside of the world onstage.” Having Callie and Jesse jump into a set like that made me feel that they were really living inside the world of the book.

Another way that Telgemeier made the story feel real was by using events from her own life as inspiration for things that happened in the story. In the author’s note Telgemeier says that she was in a few school productions when she was a teen, and that it was thrilling to see everyone work together to pull off the show. As a reader I felt that same thrill, and that made the story feel real and exciting. Along with that, Telgemeier showed that when things don’t go off as perfectly as planned they end up being much more interesting because of the imperfection. Overall, I really enjoyed Drama and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of comics, theater, or plain old drama!

Homie Missile

South3Written & Illustrated by Tony H.

South Regional Library

Ninja Cookie

South1Written & Illustrated by Ian

South Regional Library

Lego Catch Police

South2Written & Illustrated by Arnav

South Regional Library

Comics Fest 2013 Presenters

Comics Fest 3 is only 12 days away! There are so many amazing things planned for this year that words can not really express the awesomeness that is about to happen. I’m going to break this up into a couple of posts because reading tons on info in one mile long post can be a little rough. So we’ll start with the official list of this year’s presenters. (Did I mention this is going to be the best Comics Fest ever?)


DramaRaina Telgmeier is the author of the original graphic novel Drama and the graphic memoir Smile, and she has adapted several Baby Sitters Club books into graphic novels as well. Drama spent 19 weeks on the New York Times graphic books bestseller list, peaking at #2, and won much acclaim from Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post, NPR and more. Read more about Raina at







Ursula K. Vernon is a Pittsboro-based cartoonist and the author of the Dragonbreath graphic novel series for children, the Hugo Award-winning series Digger series, and much more. Read more about Ursula at








Scott Hampton is known for his painterly approach to comic book art, which has been seen in Batman, Hellboy, The Books of Magic (written by Neil Gaiman), and much more. Read more about Scott and view his work right here.







emeliaBen Towle is a graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, NC, and is the author of Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean, Farewell Georgia, and Midnight Sun. Read more about Ben at







uitkeJan Burger is a Pittsboro-based graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, New Hampshire and the author of Uitke and the Magic Penny, as well as a founding member of Paperhand Puppet Intervention.

Wipe Out!

Warren2Written & Illustrated by Miss Sarah

Stanford L. Warren

SusannahWritten & Illustrated by Susanna H.

Southwest Regional Library

Lottery Ticket

Warren1Written & Illustrated by Nehemiah

Stanford L. Warren

Save the Day

Warren3Written & Illustrated by Serenity

Stanford L. Warren