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Space Monkeys to the Rescue!

Space Monkeys to the RescueWritten & Illustrated by Christopher

Southwest Regional Library

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The Purplest Pony

Purplest PonyWritten & Illustrated by Eli

Southwest Regional Library

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First Day of School

first day of schoolWritten & Illustrated by Kwame

Southwest Regional Library

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BoomcoverBoom Written & Illustrated by Winston

Southwest Regional Library

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And That Was The Last Time I Saw It…

 And that was the last timeAnd that was the last time 2Written & Illustrated by Isaac

Southwest Regional Library

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The Day Hulk Cried

Okay, so we’ve taken a little break on posting, but we’re back and with some really awesome comics! The next few posts will be comics from this past Tuesdays Durham Comics Project’s: Kids Comics Club at the Southwest Regional Library. I filled a hat with slips of paper with titles written on them. Each kid pulled a slip and had to write a comic that they felt would match the title. I’ll be posting the comics from this session every other day until December 2nd. Here’s what we got from Benjamin:

The Day Hulk CriedWritten & Illustrated by Benjamin

Southwest Regional Library

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Durham County Library

Washington D.C. Attack of the Giant Robot!

AttackofthegiantrobotWritten & Illustrated by Josh

Southwest Regional Library


Maurice1 Maurice2Written & Illustrated by Maurice

Southwest Regional Library


TargetWritten & Illustrated by Marcus

Southwest Regional Library